Zero emission electric cars are relatively new and few people are familiar with it.

Nissan Leaf is

  • The 1st all environmental friendly car rental,
  • Zero emissions,
  • Doesn't require oil changes, filters, spark plugs,
  • Doesn't need tune ups,
  • No filling up disposal sites
  • No filling up of dumpster bins with pollutants or waste.
  • No visiting gas stations.
  • No recharging the rentals upon return required.
  • Suitable for 4 adults + 2 pieces of luggage.

Recharging Stations in St. Thomas

  • Emerald Beach,
  • American Yacht Harbor,
  • Havensight (rental location)
  • Island View.
  • Soon: Elysian and in St. John.

The above stations can be viewed on our map page.

About Recharging

Magnetic cards (not credit cards) are provided by us for customers to have access to stations and recharge vehicles.

Recharging stations are near restaurants, shops and other attractions, so you could have dinner while vehicle recharges

Time to fully recharge

A charge can take as long as 3.5 hours if batteries are completely empty or most cases around 2 hours.

Cost of a Recharge

Recharging is totally free. Yes, it's like going to a fuel station and not paying a cent for gas.

The range on a full charge

The range on a full charge is between 70 to 100 miles, depending on driving habits, air conditioning use, full power mode or eco mode, amount of passengers + luggage.
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TEL: (340) 774 5840 - St. Thomas, Havensight
US Virgin Islands
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